Chrome Extensions are Dangerous

1 in 10 is Malicious

85 percent of extensions don’t have a privacy policy, allowing them to leak your data without your knowledge.

In 2015, Google reported that 1 in 10 Chrome extensions were malicious. In order to stay on top of extensions that steal data, install dangerous software, or break compliance, it is important to know what extensions are running in the first place. There has never been an easy way to do this, until now.


Constant Extension Monitoring

Gain Visibility

Apozy lets you know what extensions are running - by everyone, everywhere - inside your business. Our dashboard and data allows you to generate reports across your entire organization or drill in individually. This visibility provides insight into potential malware threats, data loss, as well as policy and compliance violations.


Block the Bad Extensions


Once a harmful extension is identified, Apozy blocks their URLs, removing the threat of data loss. Review your real-time dashboard of extensions and threats to get a full view of your Chrome security.


The Free Report

How Does it Work?

All it takes is one 10 minute meeting, an install of our product via the Google Chrome Store ---and 48 hours later we'll provide you with a detailed report of all extensions running in your company.

We're security professionals ourselves and realize your time is valuable, so no sales pressure. And of course if you'd like to learn more about our product, we're happy to tell you about it.


What People are Saying:

“Simple and effective protection.”

- Kevin Mahaffey

“User friendly, straight forward, and minimally intrusive. Looking forward to future updates.”

- Chris B.

“An elegant solution to a huge problem.”

- hellcow on Reddit

“This makes for a frictionless deployment and requires no extra infrastructure, no added integration overhead, which I think is really cool.”

- Guise Bule

“Easy to install and super helpful. A+”

- Craig Cannon

“If everyone installed this, security on the internet would be solved overnight.”

- Jared Friedman

“Very intuitive and simple. Great extension!”

- Michael Staub

“Genius idea. I just installed it! What are some things coming down the pipeline?”

- nikunjk HN

Google and Apozy

We partnered with Google to build the best-in-class browser isolation platform for our customers. Apozy deploys to Google Business customers in 53 seconds and works with G Suite to provide a safer, cleaner, and faster browsing experience while making every link safe to click.

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